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New Construction

New construction is different from other types of construction projects because you're beginning with a clean slate. Having skillful craftsmen highly trained in their particular craft is necessary in order to originate correct estimations and detailed blueprints to launch your project on time and keep it on budget. With new construction, organization becomes the essential piece to the puzzle to ensure success.

New construction requires a high level of proficiency in starting commercial & residential projects because of the level of attention needed to cover all aspects of your project. Staying on schedule and keeping costs down through careful allocation is a big part of the successful finishing of any project.

Benefits Of New Construction

New construction grants you full control over the design and specs of your commercial or residential needs and essentials. Although other types of construction can be more economical, such as remodeling, it has its drawbacks because you have to make your plans around the existing structure. New construction assures that you will be an essential part of the construction project planning and you can determine the exact specs you want.

Our Approach to New Construction

Our approach to new construction is a bit distinct from other commercial & residential builders. At Barrows Construction, dependability and responsibility is foremost. Our craftsmen are committed to ensuring the job is done the right way every time. Attention to details like keeping the job site organized and tidy to eliminate problems for our customers is who we are. We believe an open line of communication as to always meet our clients' desires and essentials on time and on budget. With our combined experience of over 10 decades, we have the knowledge needed to control every facet of your vision successfully.

Why Choose Barrows

At Barrows Construction, we understand that your vision is everything. By choosing Barrows for your new construction project, we will take care of every part of the construction job. With our hands-on approach, you will know that every detail on your project is given the right attention and every need met. When the job is completed, our goal is not only satisfication, we also strive for friendship.

· Comprehension of our customers needs and goals of the project
· Making time to discuss each phase of construction with the customer
· Assistance in finding the right location
· Providing expertise with building design and materials
· Providing a clear cut time frame to allow for time allotment.